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Eplus touring team deliver different sizes of concerts expressing various music genres. We are committed to bringing more international arts and culture to the broad stages in Oceania. With professional event planning, customized marketing and production services, each Eplus project seeks to connect the inspiration of the artists and the desire of the audience to be amazed.

We can’t wait to enrich Oceania with colorful cultural memories and you!

Eplus creates a wide range of bespoke Corporate Events, both locally and internationally, among others: private and public conferences, B2B meetings, corporate parties as well as employees Fun Day for most demanding clients.

Our hallmark is to provide top tailored services for our clients and transform their expectations into timeless memories. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Eplus event team conveys clients’ ideas and sensibilities in line with Eplus brand culture and marketing strategy, delivering original, innovative, and exhilarating productions for each client.


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